Пелети оптом від виробника

Types of pellets
Minimum order from 22 tons
Pellet ENplus A1 140 €
140 €
Packaging options
Packed in 15 kg bags and big-bags - Ash content ~ 0.65%
- Humidity ~ 8%
- Higher calorific value of fuel at working condition ~ 18.5 kcal/kg
- Lower calorific value of fuel at operating state ~ 17.5 kcal/kg
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Types of briquettes
Minimum order from 22 tons
Hygienic fillers for pets
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Ukrainian Hardwood grill pellet
for cats
We are the company "KIOS", we are located in the city of Lutsk, Volyn region. Our company has vast experience in the field of wholesale trade of solid biofuels. We provide the needs of a number of companies in the domestic market, and we also export biofuel abroad. LLC "KIOS" offers a wide range of products, which allows us to meet the diverse wishes of our customers.
Oleksandr Hushchuk
Commercial Director
Ganjala Ihor
Head of the sales department
Tatyana Kurganska
Sales manager
Danyliuk Anastasia
Sales manager
English, Polish, Ukrainian
Natalia Hrybenyuk
Sales manager
Ukrainian, English.
Polish, Ukrainian
Maxim Klimchuk
Specialist in export-import operations

Ukrainian, Polish, English
Sales Manager
Ukrainian, English, Polish
Yuriy Petrenko
Rivnens'ka St, 48, Luts'k, Volyns'ka oblast, 43000